So It Continues..

Life has a funny way of being extremely ironic. Today’s adventure into fate’s sense of humor has to do with my favorite HR rep. You know, the one I’ve complained about that takes up a surprising amount of space in my head. Well after she recently spent 30 minutes trying to make me feel guilty about working from home as an hourly employee to not expose my susceptible self to a pandemic, worked from home today. So much for it being a capital crime when “we’re soooooo needed onsite in an all hands on deck capacity!” Nope, only us lowly peons need to, not the royal HR team! We aren’t allowed to file FMLA forms offsite, but HR can TOTALLY function 100% from home.

I’m hoping that I start to pull out of this funk soon. Work is a welcome distraction, but the other ironical part is that my work area and department switched the day before I was “found out” and now I sit in the office area with my new team behind HR. I can’t even avoid the lady like the plague now. They also are within walking distance to complain about how I breathe now, so I’m sure this will be a delight. Two can play this game though, I love research and I’m tired enough of being walked on that I’m ready to stand tall and hold others as accountable as they hold me.

I hate being tit for tat, but I feel as though I’m in survival/self preservation mode and this is the only way out. To utilize the golden rule our parents, teachers, and grandparents drilled into us with a little spin.. I’m going to treat others the way they treat me, and hopefully I can quickly get back to treating them how I wish to be treated.

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