Finding Things..

Sometimes you find things in the strangest of places. While you’re feeling every hit and blow the universe has a funny way of continuing its orbit. Pushing the puzzle pieces along even while you think you’re standing in place. I watched Erin Brokavich today. (Feel free to make ALL the jokes lol) The movie was released in 2000. Now I know (boy do I know) it was close to 30 years ago now, the 90’s, and that may feel like a long time but it’s not. It’s the blink of an eye. There are still people in the world who know right and wrong. That fight for the greater good. That fight is not for the weak hearted.

Imagine losing all hope in everything you held out hope for. Through the years, I’ve always thought that while selfishness and greed were running rampant, that if a big enough tragedy struck, that people would pull together and put off their agendas and decimate the threat at hand. COVID-19 originally KILLED my hope in humanity. If anything, it dealt me the biggest blow to one of my beliefs. Watching that movie earlier today, having been based on real life events, reminded me that we are just a minority. There’s plenty of proof in history that the underdog rises like a Phoenix in true desperate situations. We, those of us who want the best for the greater good, can AND will rise up to beat the selfishness of today.

What are some things you think would put a smile on your face seeing out in the wild? Something as simple as a smile and compliment? Something big like a viral challenge showcasing kindness? Integrity is doing the right thing when nobody is watching. How do we showcase and incentivize people doing the right thing without a tangible reward? Attention is a double-edged sword. You can get people doing it only because it’s cool, but is that an ok trade off if you’re trying to do something good on a big scale? Where is the line drawn? I’d appreciate your help in the comments, because even if I’m the only one, I want nothing more than to provide others hope. If I lose sight of that goal, I go into a very dark space. Even if I am the only one, hopefully someone else will be intrigued enough to at least begin the conversation. I can’t give up on myself. If I do, what am I really left on Earth for?

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