When the Tables Turn…

How do you help someone when you’re struggling with the same issues? Is it hypocritical to dole out the usual advice, when you know how it feels so empty and useless when you receive it? Or is it something that you just need to keep hearing until it clicks like an epiphany?

I’ve recently reconnected with a friend from my past, and it’s almost freaky how alike we are in our emotional stature. We both ebb and flow in and out of depression. When mine hit, he made me promise not to follow through. When his hit, I reminded him of the promise, but was able to relate to feeling so hopeless and fatigued.

We both keep pushing, so far, but if I ever expected someone to follow through, it would be him. I hope that he doesn’t. I would hate to learn about it because everyone thinks he hates me so I wouldn’t be told. I’m glad and grateful he allowed me the possibility to explain why I did, said, and acted the way I did when he began to hate me. I deserved every ounce of it, but I did want to at least give him closure. I’m glad he is allowing me to try to show him my true colors.

Be gentle with eachother. Remember that we all share struggles and that the degree of severity may change, but our “needs” all boil down to the same few. LISTEN, I mean actively listen to hear/understand, not respond. Think about your RESPONSE after you LISTEN to the person reaching out to you. Your reaction is worthless in times of strife. If you or anyone you know is seriously contemplating suicide, reach out to a friend, a hotline, or even me. I am here and ready to listen.


  1. I like that you are self-aware about this. It can be dangerous if two people start to bring each other down by feeding into each other, instead of listening and staying strong for the other person when they need them to.

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  2. Thank you! It can quickly turn into a suicide pact if we (society) only feed into each other’s lows. With how I was feeling at this moment, I felt like a hypocrite. I’m happy to say we are both a bit more elevated these past couple weeks.

    If society took a page out of history’s book, and people were to strive to uplift each other, many of the systemic problems today would disappear. Kindness goes a lot longer than selfishness. Everyone seems as though if it’s not gifted to them, or their expertise, that they either give up or become so vindictive/volatile that nobody wins.

    Hope you’re well! Thanks for being my first comment 😀


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