I Wish It Was..

I wish this were a happier update. The fact of the matter is I’m in the midst of a depressive episode. I’m looking to escape in all the wrong places. Nothing seems to be going right, I’m anxious all the time, the opportunities to tell those above my (authority wise) rank “I told you so” are far too many. I don’t want to be right in this sense. The last thing I choose to play with, profits or no profits and corporate oversight or not, people’s lives are NOT a toy.

When COVID-19 really kicked off for my area, I (along with the other “peasants” on my team) really drove the point home that we needed to be proactive in our attack. I begged my direct Supervisors and other leaders in my building to really enforce the personal safety measures touted by the CDC. Too often I was met with either condescending or patronizing answers. I realized how futile this was, and instead “put up” to effectively “shut them up”.

Did I get recognition for my efforts? Sure. They were nice enough to commend my personal efforts to try to make what improvements I could to the safety of my colleagues.

What did I get for it? Some useless cards saying they were impressed I held my position and led by example. 15 cases of COVID-19 in ONE of our nine buildings. 37 people on self quarantine (a healthy mix of symptomatic and asymptomatic), and 3 departments (entire 20+ employee) out for close contact isolation. An ignored Doctors note stating I’m high risk and should work from home. And 52+ “I Told You So” mentions.

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  1. Ugh I get it. (I personally work in retail, though I am at the very bottom.)You keep ringing the alarm bells for something and no one listens and all you get in the end, if you’re lucky enough for someone to have recognized you, is a worthless card or something else that does not in anyway help your bottom like. I sort of had something similar recently where one of our emergency exit doors was unable to be opened during a fire drill (I’m on the top of a three-floor department store, and imagine running straight down two stories of stairs to find the door completely unable to budge). I complained and complained and finally after a YEAR and another drill they listened to me and got someone. And when they told me, it was like “Oh, the door was caulked shut.” (why the hell an emergency exit door would be caulked shut in the first place is completely beyond me in its unfathomable depths of stupidity.) And that was it. No one had ever cared about it except me. So yes I get your pain of caring about something and ringing the alarm bell and no one caring or acknowledging your efforts. In both of our cases, the results could be deadly.


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