Untitled by The Shy Poet

Photo by Simon Migaj on Pexels.com

I asked her if she was okay.
And she said, “I’m fine. I swear.”
But when I looked into her eyes,
I clearly saw her struggles there.

She quickly looked away,
And tried her best to smile.
She said softly, “I’ll make it through this,
It’s just taking me a while.”

I knew she was hurting.
And I knew her pain was deep.
But she felt the burden was hers,
And her’s alone to keep.I reached out to her.
And our hands entertwined.
I said, “ I love you, my friend.
So your burdens are also mine.”


    1. When she first published this, I just sat staring at my screen crying quietly. It’s like she had taken a step in my head and seen the conversation I’d had with little me. I know that doesn’t make much sense, since I am the same person just older, but I NEEDED to have the peptalk to remember to protect her still too.

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