“Start Where You Are”

Is it always so strange to see things from a perspective other than what we’re comfortable with?
The word “comfortable” is used so flippantly day to day. Our “comfort zone” or eating “comfort food” while watching movies with our “comfort blanket” (while when we were young children sucked our thumb to soothe aka “comfort” ourselves).
Is there any other way to grow than to throw that comfort to the wind and push out the routine of “insanity” everyone finds themselves in the rut of?
Something we MUST remember is that we progress and become experts at the very tasks that push us out of the comfort of repetition and into the adrenaline rush of the unknown.

You can always go back to what you’ve known. Recall the nostalgia of comfortable ways. Life when we were kids. Life when you were in High-School swearing it was the most intense and meaningful/life changing occurrences in your life. But then, as you hit “adulthood”, you’re smacked with the epiphany of what all those annoying adults swore you’d understand one day. You finally understand, “don’t grow up so fast. These are going to be the best days of your life. You don’t want to wake up one day, wishing you’d taken advantage of the long and hot summer nights.

The long summer nights when the beer was stale and hot before you even got to the party. AFTER you spent 45 minutes at 7/11 in the iffy part of town playing “Hey Mister” to find what would hopefully be the chill college/lower 30 something willing to toss one back with the young adults, infant adults. When are we supposed to feel the way we assumed all those older than us felt? The freedom (HA!) of being your own person. Not “having” to apologize for your short comings. (Let’s be real, I apologize daily!) Eating ice cream or Carl’s Jr or the taco shop every meal AT ANY TIME!

I guess you need to look back to see forward. Know the dark to see the light. But when do you come out of the darkness? When do you exit the tunnel? Sometimes it isn’t the pitch black abyss that scares me, it’s the light of day. The time of setting expectations for my performance, behavior, character, morality. The judgement of the light is what scares me. Because it would kill me, to let you down.

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