My Opinion ຟILL Upset You

Typically I refrain from discussing politics in open forums such as mine here. I reserve it for conversations and discussions with those close to me, that know my intentions and tone conveyed.

→|✓| Let me use a disclaimer, “The views I am about to share do NOT in any way mean I am against BLM, police reform, or that I am in favor or continuing the oppression of P.O.C.” ←|✓|

I understand that in any group or profession that there are employees – aka people – who are less than the picturesque ideal model friend or employee. Maybe they take a nap on company time, maybe they steak from the snack store, maybe they consciously choose to bully those who are simply breathing the same air they are. All of these employees deserve consequences, but the most worrisome isn’t the thief {yep, sleeping on company time is theft of wages, or even considered fraudulent time keeping}, but the bully.

The bully is making many infractions while they mistreat others. They are creating a hostile work environment, fostering feelings of distrust and/or spreading false rumors. These behaviors cost the company thousands in overturn, lawsuits, and hurting the mental health of many by going after 1. The kicker here, the caveat if you will, is there is usually only a couple of people with the evil intent at any one company. Depending on the size of the company there can of course be more, but the probability of there being the majority of them as oppressors and bad apples just isn’t there.

Without looking at the details, or even slowing down long enough to educate yourself on the matter, that share button is getting it’s workout in. READ THE ARTICLES FOLKS! Especially the supporting documents! I can’t tell you how many times even the journalist looked in bad light because their documentation proved they were working off the buzz words and not the actual data.

Chauvin got convicted because he carelessly held a man in forceful restraint even after being made aware of the risks -AND- doubling down on his actions even after George Floyd was no longer responding. Didn’t even bother to check on why his verbal combatant went silent after other officers showed up to allow him that thought to be instinctual action.

I do not think the majority of police involved in interracial fatal police interactions are the doing of systemic racism. Systemic racism to me just stands for probability and while it may be offensive conclusions, data doesn’t give a shit about our feelings. Data is data and it allows us to view patterns of it’s lifecycle. I believe there is definitely still a good ol’ boys club set to retire sooner than later. I’m hoping that politics can stay in their ring and stop exploiting the problems that need actual work just to get elected (looking at the one refugee thing Biden actually kept from Trump – looks like Trump wasn’t the absolute idiot many thought.. or maybe the calvary is coming for Biden being it’s one of the most hypocritical things I’ve seen a politician do).

Having the history I do with needing the police to protect me and stop me from being killed, I don’t want to see the good ones put on the firing line for the minority of the shit club of power whore dickhead scumbags that make it all too easy to be too general about police.

Let me be clear: as I have said repeatedly, I do not believe all police officers are bad, nor do I believe most are bad. But there must be a transparent, impartial, and fair system to judge those that engage in criminal or unethical acts.

Al Sharpton

Joe and Jen’s Police Narrative – The Wall Street Journal.

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