My Opinion ຟILL Upset You

Typically I refrain from discussing politics in open forums such as mine here. I reserve it for conversations and discussions with those close to me, that know my intentions and tone conveyed. →|✓| Let me use a disclaimer, "The views I am about to share do NOT in any way mean I am against BLM, [...]

When Tough Love Strikes..

**I'm on mobile so the formatting will be different from what you're all used to.** It's been a full work week since my friend checked themselves out of inpatient to do outpatient therapy (the only thing they'd agree to as far as continuing treatment). I wish I could say it was going well. So far, [...]

A Blessing and a Curse..

At times it's difficult to discern sympathy from codependency. A desire to shield those I love from pain is a deep, deep conviction. Anyone I care about I strive to protect from any negativity. I build people up, I'm not made to be able to tear someone down. I've been the mediator more times than [...]

Finding Things..

Sometimes you find things in the strangest of places. While you're feeling every hit and blow the universe has a funny way of continuing its orbit. Pushing the puzzle pieces along even while you think you're standing in place. I watched Erin Brokavich today. (Feel free to make ALL the jokes lol) The movie was [...]