Mirror Mirror On the Wall…

Just like that, 10 minutes into his temper tantrum, and his ex-military parents became the BIGGEST and MOST entitled pushovers I've ever encountered.

A Blessing and a Curse..

At times it's difficult to discern sympathy from codependency. A desire to shield those I love from pain is a deep, deep conviction. Anyone I care about I strive to protect from any negativity. I build people up, I'm not made to be able to tear someone down. I've been the mediator more times than [...]

A blessing or a curse?

"There is no reality, only perception. Identify the filters through which you view YOUR world." - Unknown Many people absolutely love and feel entitled to discussing my weight. Personally, it's one of the main things that attack my self esteem. I don't often share in the body positivity they assume I have since I, "have [...]

I Need Guidance…

I promise, I will try to keep this backstory short. When I was 18 I fell MADLY in love with my first serious boyfriend. We had been together for 4 months when he told me lied about his age. The night we met, he said he got kicked out of the club for drinking underage [...]

Slow Down…

This one will be short and sweet. Sometimes in life, you just need to slow down and go soft. Many people have the mantra of "Go Hard!", however, there are times where when you try to force something it doesn't work. Yet when you soften your touch it fits right together. Maybe that's what the [...]